7 years of greatness in delightful catering services

Solaris Catering Services Gurgaon, Solaris Gurgaon

Who We Are

An Executive Catering & Event Management Company.

Solaris provides full-service catering, party planning and event management services for all occasions - corporate entertaining, social events, weddings, receptions and business breakfast/luncheons. We offer three separate divisions to satisfy our customers’ needs – Corporate Express, Full Service Events and Weddings by Solaris. Now, Solaris is a leading Catering and Event Management company in Gurgaon based corporate (MNCs) with a flawless track record of 7 years in delivering professional and delightful catering services. We are known for designing the full spectrum of events from thyme based social parties to splendid corporate gatherings with a touch of class, from RWA events to unique occasions. Yes, we stand shoulder to shoulder on all occasions!!


Known as one of the premier off-premise caterers in Delhi – NCR (esp. Gurgaon), Solaris has an established national reputation for exceptional food, creativity and presentation combined with outstanding service. Solaris’ New Indian Fusion-style cuisine is abounding with inventive interpretations and modern creations based on the very best traditions of Indian, regional and international cuisine. Be it a wedding, birthday party or a corporate event, the company’s master chefs will put it all together for you in style. A Special Occasion calls for a special celebration i.e. calls for special team as well. SOLARIS is splendid catering service that’s fit for your Royal Status.


A creative event planner custom designs each menu and coordinates both the decor and food presentation for your event. Whether the event is a formal Indian-service dinner, an authentic Punjab-style barbecue, a client luncheon for ten, or a glorious gala of more than 5,000 guests, Solaris team has the imagination and expertise to make the event sensational.