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Oriental Cuisines

Taste of East Asia

Our mission is to carry the outmost variety of East Asian Cuisines and provide our customers a scrupulous experience of dining, the opportunity to cross over the higher echelons of delight and to savor the essence of Oriental dining. Be it Chinese specialties or Japanese Cuisines, Cantonese charisma or Singaporean magic, delectable appetizers, vegetable dumplings, fried shrimps, Lemon Chicken or Seafood delight; you name it and it will be right there for you. Experience the taste of East Asia at Solaris Catering Services.

At Solaris, we pride in serving you the most authentic and veritable food, delightful to the palate. A healthy combination of all the essentials to serve you well, and presenting you with a variegated range of food for fastidious foodies, highly delightful and appeasing to the senses. We hope that by dining with us, you will be experiencing the warmth of personal dining.Solaris Catering Services is acknowledged for serving food that would inculcate an everlasting memory, food that your taste buds will immediately perceive and let the finest morsel go down the belly.

Excellent services in a great ambience, we make you fall into a vivacious and spirited experience of a lifetime. Our motive is to serve you gratifying food that speaks of a superior quality at an economic price. We collaborate with you to understand your inimitable requirements and offer you the best food with a unique style to fulfill your requirements ingratiatingly and render an everlasting contentment.