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Italian & Mexican Cuisines

Bon appétit

Our veritable enthusiasm and flaming passion brings you the most authentic and gratifying flavors along with dependable services from the culinary capitals of the world. We get you delectable Italian food and Mexican delicacies, be it pasta, risotto, pizzas, enchiladas, fajitas, papadzules and so on and so forth. Led by a group of young, creative and fabulous professionals, dedicated and consummate managers and staff, we aspire to serve you with delicious and scrumptious food and bring you an unforgettable and commendable dining experience.

Delicious and pleasing to your taste buds, food served at F&B brings you immense delight generating a magnificent dining experience. Ingratiate yourself and lose yourself into the experience of sumptuous food, while your face reflects an expression of fine taste in a plush ambience. Encounter an extraordinary place in an astounding environment with unquestionable service, excellent food and efficient staff.