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Dastarkhwan- Authentic Indian Cuisine

Have a taste of Nirvana

Give your palate a majestic treatment and enter the F&B Dastarkhwan redolent with meandering heavenly flavours of Indian cuisines. At Solaris Catering Services, the Khansama offers you a range of Kashmiri, Mughlai , Hyderabadi and other Indian specialities. Feast lavishly on the succulence, be it Awadh Nihari, Tabak Maaz, Murgh Jahangiri, Dhaniwal Korma or flavours of the Malabar like Kappa Biryani or Porotta.

Indulge voraciously into a range of delightful delicacies and have a taste of bliss like never before. With a catering experience heavily loaded F&B knows what it takes to satiate your appetite when it comes to Indian food. Be it starters, main course or desserts we believe in quality and authenticity of the ingredients used.

Have a taste of sinful goodness together with a special ambience blended to perfection and extravaganza. Get swayed away by food that tastes extraordinarily good prepared with affection and compassion. As we incorporate a groovy and opulent style of serving you, get ready for a luxurious and tantalizing experience of a lifetime taking a leap forward to develop a quintessential taste.