7 years of excellence in delightful catering services


Fall in love with ambrosial taste of culinary spread from the lands of Nawabs

Give your palate a majestic treatment and enter the F&B Dastarkhwan redolent with meandering heavenly flavours of Indian cuisines. At Solaris Catering Services, the Khansama offers you a range of Kashmiri, Mughlai , Hyderabadi and other Indian specialities. Feast lavishly on the succulence be it Awadh Nihari, Tabak Maaz, Murgh Jahangiri, Dhaniwal Korma or flavours of the Malabar like Kappa Biryani or Porotta.



It's all about Baking, Grilling, Stewing and Barbequing!

Indulge into connoisseur's delight and relish the goodness of Continental Dining comprising of wholesome, delicious and supreme varieties of Continental food pertaining to high standards and ranked as the best for fantasizing. Be prepared for something exceptional and good to happen conscientiously and consistently at Solaris Corporate Services.


Enjoy the blissful taste of The Far East

Our mission is to carry the utmost variety of East Asian Cusinies and provide our customers a scrupulous experience of dining, the opportunity to cross over the higher echelons of delight and savor the essence of Oriental dining be it Chinese specialties or Japanese Cuisines, Cantonese charisma or Singaporean magic. Delectable appetizers , vegetable dumplings, fried shrimps, Lemon Chicken, Seafood delight; you name it and it will be right ahead of you. Experience the taste of East Asia at Solaris Catering Services.

Italian & Mexican

Bon appetit

At Solaris Catering Services, our food is your paradise. Our veritable enthusiasm and flaming passion to bring you the most authentic, gratifying flavors and reliable services from the culinary capitals of the world remains unswayed. So it is a Bon appetit from our side while we get you delectable Italian food or Mexican delicacies be it pasta, risotto, pizzas, enchiladas, fajitas, papadzules and so on and so forth.